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Citation Building Service

Find out the easiest way to build high quality, consistent local citations through our citation building service.


The Benefits of Building Citations

Trust facts: Did you know that Google prioritizes websites having physical location attached to its site? Question! Does your business have a physical location? 

If so, be informed that you are holding a great leverage into increasing your sites rate of findability in order to attract more store customers.

Optimize Your Local Rankings

Make use of your 25% worth of significant edge for your local search rankings over your competitors is put into good use and that is citations.

No Duplicate Listings

Protect your citation profile through quality service towards NAP consistency. 

The Right Citations

Citation comes in forms that do you good and harm. Allow us to consolidate your trusted source of citations for any type of business.

Information Quality Assurance

We will not only provide quality citation opportunities for you but give you sense of assurance that all information distributed thereof, are right. Multiple checking is a prime process that we go through for a guaranteed information quality.

Guaranteed Finish Output

Our team composed of expert and dedicated workers can get the job done within three weeks. 

Volume Discounts

We encourage loyalty- our database keeps tracks of our clients order history and because of that, your total accumulated order significantly lowers your future payment for your continued use of our service. Don’t you think its great?



How We Build Citations

Save yourself from future trouble and get the best team to manage your local ranking citations and SEO. Our years of experience of quality service will not lie. 


Review the supplied information

We check and double check our client’s information being provided, in terms of completeness and accuracy so that in cases of inconsistencies of information between what’s provided to us and what’s on your website is different we can call your attention first hand. 

Check for existing citations and Create a local citations list

Part of what makes our service unique is that we like to add value to your existing citations so after identifying them via Local Citation Finder. Keeping in mind to avoid duplicate listings and NAP inconsistencies. We then, prepare a list of new citation opportunities using our huge database of business listing sites. We start with the highest quality sources and work our way down the list. If you already have a listing in a high priority source, we will check if it is up-to-date and if it is not, we will update it in the “Build Citations!” phase.

Build citations!

Finalizing and getting the ball running. Citations, after careful due process will now be curated BY HAND making sure that every single important detail is not missed out. The more information the better because complete and comprehensive citations results to a higher local rank.

Send you a report

We will keep you updated in compliance with our partnership and effective communication etiquette to make sure that you know every step of the process while it is progressing. Reports like list of URLs status such as completed, approved, pending, already existed. As well as important credentials like usernames and passwords for the sites, and some comments to your site. This output is guaranteed done in three weeks after placing our order.


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