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We are right agency If you are looking for a Sydney based SEO consultant which provide you positive results in search engine result page with the help of organic traffic


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  • It's not often you meet people so knowledgeable and willing to share their expertise... Subash is one of the exceptions. As an SEO Consultant in Sydney, Subhash's depth of understanding and skills in ... Read More
  • Met Subash at a social event. He took the time to understand my business operations in real estate before giving some of the most insightful suggestions to expand my reach through digital marketing. H... Read More
  • I met Subash at his offices in Strathfield. He has an extensive knowledge of SEO, with many ideas, and processes available to help any business achieve page one rankings in their niche.I found him to ... Read More
  • Subash is a very knowledgeable & friendly person. He has helped me with my website through an SEO audit and as given me tips & ways to expand my reach & google rank.
  • very insightful and helpful!

SEO Audit Benefits

We are SEO Consulting Agency and helping small and medium business to grow their revenue by reaching their right audience within their budget. Our SEO strategy based on Google guidelines which is the best way to create an ethical, sustainably successful website and business.

Each of our Search Engine Optimisation audit includes pdf checklist. By following the checklist you will find changes in your ranking.

If you are interested to do FREE SEO Audit then click the button below and book now.

Case Study

The Muglan – Indian Restaurant

Organic Traffic Increased by 8.93% in 2 months
SEO project started for The Muglan Restaurant at the beginning of May and within two months, their website traffic increased by more than 8 percent. I have performed on page SEO to which result in positive ranking.
680 Click in 3 Months
Past three months The Muglan website impression has been increased by 19k and clicks has been increased by 0.2%. Results increase in their ubereats order. We have implemented SEO strategies based on SEO Audit which we have done for them.

I am White Hat SEO Consultant

Search engine bots are advanced enough to provide relevant information to the searcher. To optimize the search experience for intended users search engines have to constantly update and upgrade their algorithms so they’re always providing the most relevant, legitimate, and trustworthy results.

White hat SEO or Ethical SEO methods require more time and effort but will pay off in long run and are all designed to garnering organic search traffic with high-quality content, and can include a number of tactics such as: Securing quality inbound links, Creating original, long-form quality content, Use of keywords and keyword analysis,Great site organisation, Create a content strategy,Create descriptive, keyword-rich meta tags, Improve navigation, information architecture, and titles  with this strategy as the starting point, we will be able to help any business or online service climb its way to top of the search results while generating leads that will be categorised as an ideal customer.

Search Engine Optimisation For Business
SEO is a long-term result driven type of digital marketing with plan and strategy. As oppose to Search Engine optimization business can drive traffic and sales through paid marketing channels like Adwords which results in a boost in your web traffic and conversion if your marketing and sales process is well organized.

Basically, It is a made up with two main factors OnPage and OffPage.  Well in simple word OnPage means whatever you do on your website like title tag, meta descriptions, URL structure and so on. OffPage refers to link building, outreach and so on. It is step by step process you can’t start anywhere. For example off page SEO should be followed after completing OnPage SEO and most of the OnPage SEO factors are technical.

It is done by step by step with prioritization. That’s why I prepare SEO Audit checklist before I start to implement. Check my SEO Audit overview video to get an idea of what I will be doing. All of my FREE SEO Audit videos include actionable pdf checklist. If you follow checklist i have provided you will definitely get ranked in search engine result page.

Well, there is no guarantee to get ranked on the 1st page of google but my effort and strategy will significantly help to increase your chances of making strong ROI. After few months of continued efforts, your rank will increase but keep in that position your website needs constant maintenance. Unable to maintain website might drop you in ranking.

Well, I have done a website for small to medium business for example lawyer, plumber, local e-commerce and managed to rank in google map pack for local business even though they don’t have a website.

SEO is keeping updating their algorithm and strategy that used to work five years ago has no value today. So you have to keep update yourself if you want to be in the part of Google search result page. These days they are more focused to serve quality and relevant content to the searcher. They want to provide best results to their user. Which indicate we as a content creator should have quality content which delivers more value to the user. As an SEO Consultant, i am able to share all the strategy and knowledge according to your business category. If your web pages satisfy the google searcher intent then your site earn trust in google bots and able to rank higher in SERP. If you want to rank and see your business growing then i am more than happy to help. Please contact me if you want to get consulting to grow your business to next level.

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Answers to Your Questions

Can you guarantee to ranked #1 for my keywords?

Absolutely NOT. But I will significantly help to increase your chances of making a strong ROI based off years of experience.

How fast will i see results?

It is purely depends on your competative niche and your business category and your goals you want to achieve.

What if i have multiple locations?

Not a problem, i strictly follow Google guidelines and we provide you recommendation based on that.

Is there any page limit?

These packages are limited to less than 500 pages if you have more than 500 pages websites then please contact us.

How much do you charge?

That comes down to a volume of pages & monthly vs. one-time work.

How much research do you do?

I continue to do research on a project until I get enough data to initialize.

What is the best way to contact you?

You can send a direct message from the chat icon located at the right bottom of your screen. Alternatively, use contact us page or call me directly at (02) 8208 3359 

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